We provide bottling in one of the oldest Russian facilities.

Kuznetsk Distillery was founded in 1898.


Today the plant is equipped with three German bottling lines. The alcohol, for the production of alcoholic beverages, is produced from the highest quality wheat grown in the fields of the Penza region.

Еhe high quality of products is due to the fact that it is prepared on the water of the famous Buturlino and  Shelemiss sources, which is weakly mineralized. Water, beautiful in quality, can be used for medicinal purposes.

Vodka is made using old recipes and original technologies. All products undergo a rigorous inspection and mandatory certification.

The high level of production is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards won at the most prestigious exhibitions and competitions, such as the – «World Food», «Prod Expo”, “Wine and Vodka”, etc.

High technical equipment, experience and traditions accumulated over the years, allow to get the highest quality vodka.



“Millstream” – one of Russia’s oldest wineries of the complete cycle.


Viticulture has a very long tradition on the lands of the Taman Peninsula, where is situated  the “Millstream”. In these areas, the vines laid back by Greek colonists in antiquity. In modern times, the first vineyards, which are preserved documentary mention, were laid on the lands of the company in 1896.

Vineyards spread on the territory of fertile Temryuk region, where everything: the climate and the soil – are perfect for growing wine grapes. In addition to traditional methods, here are developing new technologies for the production of ecologically pure grapes.


Today “Millstream – Black Sea wins” is among the three largest producers of Russian wine from its own grapes. In 2014 here carried out a new large-scale reconstruction of the winery, fitted with the “sterile” bottling. It allows to bring the production of “Millstream – Black Sea wins” to the international winemaking standards.

Confirmation of the high level of skill of the wine experts of the company are two Grand Prix, 55 gold, 69 silver and 33 bronze medals.

Back in the late 1950s, the Soviet Union General Secretary Khrushchev, staying at Taman called it the Soviet Champagne.