Vodka Donka
Vodka “Donka”
Fishing and Hunting – mission of man destined by nature.
Vodka «Donka» – drink for real men.
Vodka «Donka» – gift of nature.
Water, Fire, Wind and Earth – elements without which people can not live.

«Donka» means specialized bottom fishing rod and it is the mysteriousness because it remains in the environment that is not available to man!

Vodka Donka
Vodka Donka


Vodka “Donka” – 0,5 l.
Vodka “Donka” – 0,7 l.
Vodka “Donka” – 1 l.

Delicious “Donka”

Bitter “Donka Honey & Pepper ” 0,5 l. 35%

Bitter “Donka Cranberry & Cognac ” 0,5 l. 21%

Bitter “Donka Plum & Cognac ” 0,5 l. 21%

Bitter “Donka Ashberry & Cognac ” 0,5 l. 24%

Vodka Donka
Vodka Donka


555 “Donka” International

The new standard of cleanliness!

The basis of the absolute cleanliness of Donka International is a combination of unique technology and excellent raw material – high-quality grain alcohol “Alpha” and specially prepared water.

Water passes 5 stages of filtration before preparing the beverage, and the step of preparing the product itself has five stages of filtration!

The alcohol mixture is distilled twice through a carbon filter, twice through quartz sand, and then, at the last stage of preparation, through a silver filter. Blend itself matures before bottling or as technologists say “rests” for another 5 days.

We present You a real Russian vodka with an excellent mild flavor and unique aroma.

Vodka “Donka” 100 ml

Exclusive flask volume of 100 ml.

Glass – crystal clear.

The original cork with branding.

Bright taste of vodka “DONKA”, that is purified by silver filters and is prepared from high-quality alcohol “Alpha” and environmentally friendly artesian water of natural purification, will carry away you in times of famous Russian folk festivities with good vodka and rich snack.

Responsible consumption of alcohol from the heart of Russia.

Vodka Donka
Vodka Donka


Water is the Soul of vodka.

Water is popularly called as “mother” or “queen”. People were aware of the great importance of the water element since the dawn of human history. There can be no life without water!


Method of cleaning alcoholic beverages with silver already used in pre-revolutionary Russia. Every lot of “DONKA” vodka undergoes an additional method of cleaning – purification of water-alcohol mixture with silver. We use filters enriched with silver ions in the final filtration. Silver ions possess emollient properties.

«ALPHA» ethanol.

Nowadays “Alpha” is the best sort of ethanol for production an alcoholic drinks. It is far superior to ordinary “Lux” spirit in physical and chemical terms.

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